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The 4 Phase Cycle Podcast with Zesty Ginger || Hormone Balance | Women's Health | Mindset

Aug 12, 2020

In this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by the two founders of Tighten your Tinkler, Jenn Lormand (Exercise Physiologist) and Christina Walsh (Physical Therapist). 

Tune in for an interview with Dr. Alex because they will explain how most pelvic problems can be overcome by strengthening the muscles in the area to work as a cohesive team.You will also learn how supporting the pelvic floor health  will be life-changing 

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About Tighten your Tinkler

The founders are Jenn Lormand (Exercise Physiologist) and Christina Walsh (Physical Therapist). They have been helping women heal and feel better in their bodies again for a combined 36 years. They created their Signature Program as a comprehensive path to help all women have the opportunity to feel better in their bodies again.