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Becoming Zesty Podcast

Feb 28, 2024

Dr. Alex Golden discusses the societal norms around emotional expression, highlighting the tension between what is deemed acceptable and individual experiences.



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Feb 21, 2024

Dr. Alex Golden shares personal experience with self-sabotage in health and business, highlighting the misunderstandings that exacerbate the issue. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing and overcoming self-sabotage to achieve personal growth and success.




Feb 14, 2024

Megan and Dr. Alex reflect on the importance of dropping the need to be right in coaching, using a hypothetical scenario to illustrate the concept. They also emphasize the importance of prioritizing values over limitations in personal growth and leadership.




Feb 7, 2024

Megan Blacksmith is joined by Kathi Reuter, a mindset coach and podcast host for online entrepreneurs. They stress the impact of sharing struggles in the midst of challenges, advocating that it resonates more than waiting for a complete resolution. Together, they discuss the importance of recognizing and challenging...