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Becoming Zesty Podcast

Jan 31, 2019


This is a solo podclass by Alex on the sympatho-adrenal system. This episode is all about how our body reacts to 3 types of stressors in seconds, minutes, hours, days, and over the long term. She also details how we assess for these 3 types of stressors through functional testing and what the different markers...

Jan 30, 2019


This episode gets into the root causes of premenstrual headaches. Megan and Alex discuss the different estrogen and progesterone imbalances that can lead to headaches right before (or at the start of) each new cycle, as well as all of the different markers they look at when they interpret functional lab work....

Jan 29, 2019


After 2 primer episodes on our favorite testings, we’re digging into the real juicy stuff from Podclass Season 3! Megan and Alex discuss how to tackle the very life-disrupting symptoms of fatigue, especially in young “healthy” (by conventional lab work) women. We discuss the different root causes of...

Jan 28, 2019


In this episode, Megan and Alex discuss the 4 best times to do functional testing, especially when it comes to checking out the function of your endocrine system.  They also discuss their more general philosophy on making the decision to test and what life, mindset considerations to carefully weigh when...

Jan 25, 2019


Podclass Season 3 is the advanced teaching on hormonal imbalances and how to work WITH your body, instead of against it! To kick off the season, Megan and Alex discuss which tests they prefer for addressing HPA-axis imbalances and why this includes neurotransmitter testing. We also discuss how the tests are...