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Becoming Zesty Podcast

Jan 29, 2020

Dr. Alex is back on the third installment of our advanced Podclass. 


Dr. Alex know that you want to optimize your health to remain as bad ass as you already are. So today...she. talked about DHEA: how it regulates our energy levels as in our productivity, creativity etc and how it’s fundamental for hormone and...

Jan 22, 2020

In this second installment of this podcast series, Dr. Alex continued to dig in further into Progesterone, Hypothalamus and Central nervous system and how affects your hormones.

Dr. Alex covered

  1. The tie back on why our ladies talk about mindset as much as they do and how it’s relevant to you.
  2. Progesterone’s...

Jan 15, 2020

This new year, Megan and Dr. Alex decided to bring back the Podclasses.

If you remember, Back in season 1, we covered 24 podclasses about the female cycle. 


In this episode, our ladies will cover reading DUTCH test results and the story that they tell. 


We promise, there are a lot of information even if you don’t...

Jan 13, 2020

In this podcast, Megan and Dr. Alex talk about how your hypothalamus listens to your worry. 

Dr. Alex zoomed-in at hypothalamus' being the captain of your adrenal health... That is every time we indulge in anxiety or if we did not do enough, is the information that our hypothalamus gets.

What are we going to do about...

Jan 9, 2020

This is a short one! Episode 3 breaks down the 4 phases of the feminine cycle and what the body is already trying to accomplish in each phase. It details how to the 4 phases work together and how to take advantage of the overarching themes present in each one.

Important Links: to learn more about the 4...